Sweet mouth Gabriel Jesus just anointing Arsenal is warm like home.

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Arsenal striker Gabriel Jesus gave the Gooners a sweet note when he spoke about how they felt after their debut for the new club, feeling a home away from home.

Chauss despite being a substitute, took 90 seconds to smash against Nuremberg in a warm-up win 5-3 yesterday, which he is proud of his performance. as well as being delighted with the love that the ‘ Cannon ‘ disciples gave unconditionally UFABET.  

” I’m very proud, proud to be here with such a great club, ” he told Arsenal TV .

“ I’ve been in full training with my gang for four or five meals and would like to say thank you to everyone at Arsenal because they made me feel at home.  Everyone comes to talk , say hi first , wish you good luck. We’re glad to have you together and I’m happy when I’m here too really warm like home. Just came in to be part of an amazing club, an amazing team . And then we will succeed together. I personally believe in many of the plans of this club. Can’t wait to get on the pitch at our amazing home stadium. ” 

Next, ‘ Cannon ‘ has a queue to kick the tour to the United States. Then come back to play the traditional warm-up game at home to the Emirates Cup against Sevia.