Saul hopes to prove himself to Atletico once again.

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Saul Niguez will return to his Premier League experience with Chelsea. Proving he’s good enough for Atletico Madrid’s midfield.

Saul Niguez has revealed he wants to prove he is good enough to play as a midfielder for Atletico Madrid next season. After his loan from Chelsea ends in the 2021-2022 season. It was reported by Marca on Saturday. 

Saul has been a mainstay of Atletico Madrid since the 2014-2015 season. But he has been featured frequently as a left-back in the 2020-2021 season before being released. With the Blue Lion team with a loan contract throughout the last season. But he failed to make an impact on the Premier League stage by playing only 23 games. 

The 27-year-old midfielder has returned to Atletico this summer. Which he wants to prove to be good enough for playing at a high level as a central midfielder. As he has to contend with Jorge Resurrexion Koke, Rodrygo de Paul, Chef. Fre Gondogbia, as well as newcomer Axel Witsel.

‘Honestly i feel great have a strong desire So excited to be back home and my mind at its peak. I’m looking forward to seeing my colleagues. Found a trainer and worked under him again.’

Saul also mentioned his experience.

With Chelsea last season. ‘Even though I couldn’t play the number of minutes I needed, But I think it’s a good experience for me to leave where I don’t feel good mentally.And can reset learn new culture Live a new life and get to know a new club.’

‘I just hope to do my best. I realized that I came on a loan contract where I didn’t have much time. And I will earn a place in the team through a lot of work, consistency and sacrifice.’

‘I came with great humility. Thinking of working and helping the team in every way I can and wherever I want. I am looking forward to showing that despite the difficult years. But it is very helpful to improve and grow in many areas.’ Saul said.