Lenglet dreams of winning titles with Spurs.

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Clement Lenglet is delighted to move to Tottenham Hotspur. And is aiming to win titles with Spurs this coming season.

Tottenham Hotspur defender Clement Lenglet has revealed he is happy to join Tottenham. And is aiming to win trophies with his new club. After rocking Come from Barcelona on a one year loan. With no permanent signing options from an interview on the club’s website UFABET.

The 27-year-old defender revealed

‘I am very happy to be here. To be in this city, at this club,’ the 27-year-old defender revealed ‘I talked to my friends and family to decide. And all the words are very good Talks about the club very well.’

‘I’m really excited to start the season with my new teammates, new stadium, new city, for me it’s all new. But i have thirst i want to play I want to be the best footballer to help the team win trophies and fight in every competition.’

‘First of all, I want to be a good teammate. To be a strong, aggressive defender and help the group win the ball back. It is very important first and foremost to be a good defender. After that he was a good player and help the team.’

Clement also revealed that he is excited to work with one of the greatest coaches of his generation, Antonio Conte. He has a lot of experience and for me it was a beautiful moment working with the ‘boss’ and learning everything he knows about football.

The French defender also concluded his goals for the upcoming season: ‘I want to play a lot of games, win games because if you don’t win. you will not be happy I want to win many games to be happy. Fight at a high level of competition. it’s a dream I want to win titles here at Tottenham.’